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Mar 1, 2018

Scott, Aaron & Taylor watched Black Panther and give you their thoughts on the film as well as a few new movie trailers.

Feb 8, 2018

Scott & Aaron get together to go over recent Geek News. Topics include Green Lantern: Earth One, Doomsday Clock delays, Obi Wan movie rumors, Disney's live action Sword & The Stone and much more!!

Jan 31, 2018

Scott is joined this week by show regulars Tyler Wells and The Kaufman as they go over their favorite "Funny Movies". 

Jan 15, 2018

Scott & Aaron get together to celebrate Geekery Podcast's Anniversary and they go over a few movies and video games they are excited for in 2018.

Dec 24, 2017

Scott, Aaron & Taylor saw Star Wars:The Last Jedi last weekend and give you their thoughts about the film. They also discuss the Disney/Fox buy out. (SPOILERS)